myAP Portal Cracker License

Temporary Cracker License

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Brief Description

License issued to the applicant/s for sale of crackers to citizens for a defined time period in the area as per the Explosive Rules 2008

Application Process

01. Applicant has to fill in the required details in the application form

02. For setting up the cracker shop on private / leased land, owner's consent is necessary. Applicant must share the owner's Aadhaar number. Owner will be sent an OTP that must be filled in the application form by the applicant.
a. For land identified by Government, the details can be populated in the form.

03.Applicant has to confirm that the details filled in are correct. If required, the details can be edited.

04. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of occupants, the request will be put on hold. If any previous application is rejected, processing of the waiting list applications will be resumed


01.A consolidated payment of Rs 1500/- has to be made towards the License

Setting Up the Shop

01. A provisional permission will be generated and sent to the applicant's mobile as a message. A link will also be shared so that it can be downloaded on mobile app.

02. Applicant should set up the shop within 3 days of receipt of the provisional, and upload photographs of the premises. If he fails to, the application will be auto rejected.


01. Scrutiny / verification request is sent to police and fire departments.

02. If police department rejects, the license cannot be issued.

03. If fire department objects, the applicant is given a further 24 hours to provide compliance. If the verification fails or the applicant does not upload the photographs, the application will be rejected.

04. Upon successful verification by police and fire departments, the request is sent to revenue department for approval.

05. Revenue department will validate and issue the final decision, whether of issuance or rejection.

Issue a License

01. The license document will contain the duration of validity. Applicant has to abide by all the safety and security guidelines.

02. Revenue Department is the issuing authority of the License for Rural areas.

03. Police Department is the issuing authority of the License for Urban areas.

04. If any deviations are observed, the license will be revoked.