myAP Portal About Us

About myAP

To be the single access point for all digitalised and digitally transformed services provided by Government of Andhra Pradesh to the citizens and businesses and for a sustained engagement with the Government.

G2C and G2B Services

G2C and G2B Services with better User Experience (UX), common look and feel for all services directly provided by e-Pragati.Leveraging specifically mobile technologies

G2G Services

Services internal to the Government.Departments and government agencies to inter-operate with ease and provide integrated services to citizens.

Technical Services

Repository and access to Core platform standards / guidelines, UX artifactory, Architecture references, DIY user guides, BOTs, Developer Community, etc

Concisely, 'my AP' Portal shall serve as first stop to discover all Government services / data and shall act as an information gateway to citizens & residents, government officials, businesses and non-residents. It shall also serve as a repository of e-Pragati's ONE GOVERNMENT Core Platform standards / guidelines, UX artefactory, Architecture references, DIY user guides and Developer Community.

Services Offered

Government to Citizens Services

To enhance the efficiency, and transparency and convenience of Citizens and Businesses in dealing with the Government, through the following features and facilities:

  • Directory of ALL e-Services provided by GoAP, including e-Pragati Services and non-ePragati services as well
  • Provision of all the above services ONLINE
  • Provision of the services through multiple access channels, especially the mobiles

Government to Government Services

Services internal to the Government like the following:

  • Single-Sign-On to Government employees for accessing a variety of channels, including
    1. e-Office
    2. e-Procurement
    3. e-Kacheri
    4. e-CM
    5. Social Media Interface
    6. e-Nidhi (Financial Mgt& HRMS- SAP Platform)
  • MIS, Dashboard features
  • Performance Management
  • Access to departmental websites, portals, workflows

Technical Services

'my AP' Portal shall also provide the following technical services to the CIOs and technical users of the Government and to the developer and System Integrator (SI) community

  • e-Pragati Standards
  • e-Pragati Core Platform related Artefacts
  • UX Artefactory
  • News, Announcements - RFPs relating to e-Pragati, etc Access to developer community